Target audiences

Direct beneficiaries

The main recipients of the #TeamNatura project (LIFE15 GIE/IT/000897) are volunteers selected in different Italian regions. Each volunteer will receive specific training and support actions in managing the Natura 2000 sites of our country.

#Teamnature volunteers will be recruited from:
• University students of environmental faculties (Environmental sciences, natural, biological, geological and related) close to University of selected sites. Environmental Faculty Students will have the opportunity to observe and take part directly in conservation and management, topics that often only study in theoretical form. Thanks to #TeamNatura, they will have the experience to put in their own professional curriculum and to create new contacts with people in this field of activity.

• Local communities of the 15 sites. Residents in the selected sites will also be involved in direct management activities. Participating in #TeamNaura will give them a better awareness of their territory and contribute in person to the environement protection and valorisation (active citizenship).
• Birdwatchers and naturalists who attend the selected sites. This is the target from which many of the Lipu volunteers come. People who are already active on this subject are regular birdwatchers who attend conferences, read specialized magazines and are interested in contributing directly to the preservation of precious places of Italian nature.

Indirect beneficiaries

The indirect beneficiaries of the #Teamnatura project are the citizens living in the municipalities that host the 15 sites of the selected Natura 2000 network. They will be involved in the project both as a public of the various volunteer awareness-raising activities and as an active part in the realization of information and awareness-raising moments.


As part of the #TeamNatura project, the managing bodies of Natura 2000 sites also play a very important role. For this reason, the project envisages specific actions to establish a constructive dialogue in order to collaborate on certain management and conservation actions such as monitoring and surveillance.
Associations partnered with BirdLife Europe are also considered as "stakeholders" of the project, gathering representatives from all EU member states.
Farmers, responsible for the use of large portions of Natura 2000 sites, consequently their involvement is very important for the conservation of sites. The Italian environmental associations that carry out important control and sometimes direct management of areas included in Natura 2000 sites and the Public Administrations.